Let’s keep it real, ladies! The holidays can be an extremely hectic time of year for nearly all of us. A time when traveling becomes quite the event. Whether your traveling by plane, train, or automobile this season, it’s entirely possible to feel comfortable and still look incredible! For the sake of today’s blog, let’s consider the idea of traveling in your pajamas, well, a criminal offense. Some things are just meant for the bedroom and this is definitely one of them! Without further ado, here are a few key traveling tips that will keep you looking heavenly throughout the holiday commute!

 1. A Little Stretch Goes A Long Way.

When it comes to travel comfort, let elastic can be your new BFF! Whether you’re enduring a 4-hour road trip or a 12-hour connecting flight excursion across state lines, comfortable pants are priceless! Now, I’m not suggesting you strictly limit yourself to a pair of Lulu yoga pants, but advocating bottoms with a bit Spandex or Lycra. A little Lycra goes a long way in terms of comfort! We promise your derriere will thank you! Our favorite relaxing, stylish pair is the ‘jegging’. A fun & popular style of legging that’s ½ denim. Now carried by most major brands, you can find these fantastic bottoms at most Forever21 or Target stores.

 2.  Layer up.

There’s nothing worse than rushing through an airport to catch your flight and realizing you’re about to emphasize the 'sweat' part of sweater. Or worse yet, boarding a plane that’s 10 below! Our pick of the litter for traveling layers is a simple cotton ‘boyfriend’ tee paired with a cashmere blend sweater. Both items are breathable and chic! And when the temps rise, effortlessly throw the sweater around your shoulders or waist.

 3. Save the Sneaks.

Yes, I know it’s tempting to slip into those cute, magenta Nikes for traveling, but most likely your in no need to run a 10Ker from terminal to terminal. Your tootsies can feel just as relaxed wearing a darling pair of ballet flats. Many brands are now starting to carry orthopedic footwear that looks rather remarkable. I enjoy a bit of heel when traveling, but am always sure to have flats on a close standby!

 4. Ice the outfit!

Accessorizing is a key component to your seasonal commuter look. Hey, some of the most enthralling people watching takes place within airports and train stations.  Keep your look fresh by sporting a fun statement necklace or bold bracelet. We typically pick these pieces or even a fun ring over earrings. They’re the easiest items to remove if you decide on a mid-flight catnap!

We’re currently donning the Floret Statement Necklace layered with the Crystal Drop Necklace paired with a simple white tee as we head south for the holidays. Coupling sparkle with a simple top is a good way to embellish yourself without overdoing it. Psst...Both of these sparkling beauts are on SALE for $18! Sale is active now through this Monday, 12/15. Only while supplies last!